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Pink Coconut Brightening Mask

Pink Coconut Brightening Mask

Beija Flor Naturals
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What is it?

Facial Mask


Meet your new skin refresher! Reinvigorate dull, dry skin with this weekly exfoliating mask that brightens and revives skin without the harshness. It's also good for aging and sensitive skin.

Key Benefits: 

Exfoliates and brightens. 

Best for:

Dry, dull, sensitive skin.

Rose Kaolin Clay, Sodium montmorillonite (bentonite clay), honey, Cocos nucifera (coconut).

Add a small amount of the powder to the cap + a small amount of liquid (water or milk recommended for dry skin, apple cider vinegar for oily skin) Apply a layer to face, allow to dry (5-10 mins) and rinse with warm water.