Postpartum Massage Oil

Postpartum Massage Oil

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What is it?

Massage oil for body & C-section scars


You'll feel achy and tense in your shoulders, neck and arms after birth. Use Coddle's massage oil to relieve all over body tension and achiness or as a night time wind down ritual which lowers your anxiety and emotions. C section moms, we didn’t forget you, when you’re ready and comfortable touching. Massage around your incision to free up your skin. Daily massage increases circulation and blood flow which speeds up healing.

Key Benefits:

Relives all over body tension and helps to heal C-section scars.


Sunflower oil*, dried lavender flowers*, pure lavender essential oil *Certified Organic

2 oz, Handcrafted in New York.

Apply sparingly, massage into skin with mindfulness using long circular strokes. Use daily to relieve after birth aches/pain and tension and after your c section 2 -3 times daily for scar massage. For best results, apply to damp skin after shower.

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