Alive (Moringa + Lemongrass) Oil 30ml

Alive (Moringa + Lemongrass) Oil 30ml

True Moringa
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What is it?

Face, hair and body oil.


One ingredient, multiple uses, with real results. 

True Moringa oil is a perfect under-eye treatment to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or a daily facial moisturizer to even and nourish skin. Moringa oil's powerful plant hormones and fatty acids minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars, leaving skin soft and well pampered. Moringa oil is naturally packed with behenic acid to condition and detangle while promoting healthy hair growth. 

Trust us, you'll want to re-up as soon as it's finished! This oil combines the anti-aging and moisturizing properties of cold-pressed Moringa oil with the reinvigorating energy of Lemongrass.

Key Benefits: 

Moisturizes, reduces redness and signs of aging.

Best For: 

All skin and hair types.

Cold Pressed Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Skin - Start with a freshly cleansed face. Apply one pump to fingertips and rub together gently. Press the oil serum onto cheeks, forehead and chin. Smooth over nose and lips to finish. Massage into skin with light, upward strokes to lock in lasting moisture for youthful, beautiful skin. 

Hair - Leave in thicker, curly, or afro-textured hair, and rinse out of thinner hair.

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