Onyx Blend Herbal Tea (PMS/Menopause)

Onyx Blend Herbal Tea (PMS/Menopause)

October Lotus
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What is it?

Womb Wellness Tea


Let's be real ladies. We all dread that time of the month where we have to deal with PMS symptoms. Some have it worse than others, but we have the perfect solution that can help make that time of the month a bit more manageable! The Onyx Blend supports women who suffer from PMS symptoms with a carefully, selected mix of herbs such as Lavender to calm nervous stress, Motherwort which has amphoteric qualities making it both a stimulant and sedative herb for menstrual stress, and Rosebud for relaxing and uplifting, as well as an astringent to genital tissue.

Key Benefits:

Helps to relieve PMS symptoms.

Best For:

Hormonal balance for PMS/Menopause

Actaea Racemosa, CTAEA RACEMOSA, Chamomilla, Vitex, Agnus-Castus, Taraxacum, Lavandula, Leonurus Cardiaca, Origanum Vulgare, Rubus Idaeus and Alabaster.

Place 1 - 1 1/2 tsp of the herbs in a steeping tool like an empty tea bag or tea infusing basket. Pour 8 - 10 oz of hot water in your mug with the tea. Let it steep for 2 min. Feel free to add sweetener to taste.