Perineal Balm

Perineal Balm

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What is it?

Soothing balm for tearing and scars. 


Ditch the DIY padsicles, save time and $$$ when you layer on this 2-in-1 perineal balm. This nourishing balm is formulated with peppermint and witch hazel providing soothing and cooling relief from vaginal soreness, tears and hemorrhoids. C section? We’re here for you as well. Use it to cool and soothe your c section incision soreness. You've done all the hard work, you're bruised and swollen now its time to heal. You don't need 5 bottles of ingredients and a video. 

Key Benefits:

Soothes and cools vaginal tears and C-section scars.

Coconut oil*, olive oil*, shea butter*, carnauba wax*, sunflower oil*, peppermint essential oil blend, yarrow*, witch hazel leaf*, St. John's wort*, calendula flower

*Certified organic

1.5 oz, Handcrafted in New York  

Use to soothe, cool and provide relief after childbirth. Massage around your perineum or c section incision after childbirth.  

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